Electric Bicycles Evaluation: The BH E-motion Avant Electric Bike with Crossbar

Published: 20th October 2011
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Electric bicycles electric bikes are ideal for taking you from place to place in an ecological manner. They are totally non-polluting, whisper quiet, need virtually no maintenance, and help to save the planet whilst saving money. E-bikes, as they're also called, are great for commuting because they typically have a range of as much as 80km, and recharge in as little as 2 hours. Since the frames, crank sets, and forks are manufactured from light aluminium and alloys, electric bikes are extremely effortless to manage. This is a summary about an e-bike we especially favour: the E-motion Avant model with crossbar, manufactured by frontrunner industry BH.

Overall Ranking:

4.5 out of 5.0 stars


BH is a Spanish company that got their start creating bicycles in excess of 100 years ago. BH is "Beistegui Hermanos." Beistegui is the name of the family; "hermanos" means "brothers" in Spanish. Bicycles by BH are scrupulously and carefully created to be quick as well as light in weight. These particular bikes are appreciated for their outstanding functioning ability and comforting feeling. BH got their first Vuelta Espana in 1935, and they, in 8 straight stages, carried the yellow jersey in the 2009 Tour de France. BH is a company dedicated to innovation and to maintaining the highest possible standards. Their performance bikes are superior to the competition's in lightness, stiffness, and ergonomics.


Roughly 1600

Weight of Bicycle:

24kg including battery


Available in frame sizes: 50cm or 54cm

Product Account:

The Avant is a true stand out amongst electric bicycles. It is equipped with a Panasonic system which has a front wheel drive as well as regenerative braking. With the motor fitted onto the front wheel hub, the Avant's employment of the Panasonic pedal pressure system is very unique. By far, the most innovative part of the design is that the motor recharges (regenerates) when the brakes are applied. The bike has a Shimano Deore 8-speed gear system with a high-efficiency derailleur. It is the main battery, instead of a dynamo, that gives power to the front and rear lights. The bike's seat post has got a suspension for comfort in riding; it also has a width-wise adaptable saddle.

Main Facets:

The bike's battery is a 10Ah 26V Panasonic lithium-ion-manganese (Li-Mn) version to ensure extra longevity. Its brakes are V-type Shimano, back and front. Its lights are Spanninga: microFF on front, and Basta on the rear. Its Rodi VR19 quick release wheels have a measurement of 70cm; also, the cycle has a superior Suntour CR8 suspension that as modifiable lock out

Bike and battery: 2 years

Product Specifications:

Mud guards: Complete back and front
Rear rack: Yes
Pedals: Aluminium complete with rubber grip insert
Saddle: Selle Bassano modular (modifiable width)
Handlebar: Completely modifiable ergonomic w/ palm support grips
Stand: Side stand
Lock: Integrated Trelock Plus 2010
Cycle computer: Yes: versatile
Modes: High, medium, low
Range: Up to 80km - depends on mode, terrain, rider input, and amount of recharge generated
Maximum rider capacity: 120kg


If taking into account electric bicycles, the BH E-motion Avant model with crossbar is well worth taking a look at.

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